Le deuxieme semaine

Bon-Bon-Bonjour yall, this week was pretty good, I mean it was very similar to the week before. Just a whole lot of studying and a whole whole whole lot of rice and chicken. Yeah most of our meals are some variation of rice and chicken. It could be fried chicken with Mexican rice, chicken with some sort of sauce and a full ten servings of rice, or some other interesting and new combination, I mean the options are endless.

But yeah, despite the heat, and the Africans it doesn’t quite feel like I’m in Africa yet. That may be due to us never really leaving the MTC unless we are going to the temple, but yeah.

Its pretty funny because all the elders whenever they catch a glimpse of my family pics, that I stow in my journal, they always wanna see them. Almost always one of the Elders will comment on how beautiful Sam is, or how they want to marry her after their mission. Yeah I have to show them a pic of me, Sam and Stone right after to explain that she’s taken. Yeah I’ve got to admit though being in the MTC is a rollercoaster of emotion, at one point I’m super stressed because we have to teach an investigator in french, other times I’m feeling more spiritual and at peace than I’ve ever been. One moment I’m frustrated with the language and the consecutive meals of rice and chicken, other moments I’m having the time of my life. Usually though its the last one because of how amazing the people are and how amazing it is to be a missionary. All the people are so amazing and faithful I can’t even put it into words.

I’m pretty much friends with everyone here (I mean its not hard considering that there is only like 100 of us. But everyone is so kind and humble its crazy. I’m also best friends with the french folks. Yeah, I don’t understand a lot they say, but we\re still buds. I’m also getting better at understanding the English speakers, though its still pretty hard considering how the Nigerians speak a pigeon English, so at times its like they are speaking another language.

The roads here in Africa are crazy, we are in the capital of Ghana and the roads are still super unorganized, at points they don’t even have lanes. So yeah just a whole lot of honking. It’s kinda funny though because when you stop at a light tons of people carrying baskets or platters of foods, fruits, electronics, and drinks will flood onto the road to try and get people to buy their product. Also roundabouts are super sketchy (a lil more than the rest of the roads) they’re just circles of chaos and honking.

Sports time is pretty fun, I play more basketball than I’ve ever played in my life, and also sweat more than I ever have in my life. Oooooo also I don’t sweat as much at night which is good. I think I’m getting pretty accustomed to the climate.

The temple here is so gorgeous too. It’s filled with African art in very subtle places. The spirit there is so strong too. Its just an amazing experience. It is also the only time we get to leave the MTC which helps to lessen the prisony vibe.

But yeah, a summary of this week would be very repetitive, spiritual, prisony, hot (but not as hot as last week), and filled to the brim with rice and chicken.

Au revoir


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