Third week at the Sweet Prison

First off, sorry for not quite being consistent on my writing, but P-days are usually pretty busy. But I’ll get into my P-day activities in a bit, so no worries.

So this week was an interesting week, very similar to the last week, but at the same time it was very different.

Because it is the third week here, 95% of the MTC elders and missionaries left for their missions. So now until Thursday night there will only be 6 missionaries here at the Ole Ghana MTC. Yeah  so it’s kinda been a mixed emotional time. This is because on one hand it’s sad to see the missionaries who I love so much go, but on the other hand it’s also good to see these great missionaries leave, knowing that they will bring so much joy to people’s lives. I will especially miss my roommates though, Elder Addo, Ajike, and Josiah. Though at times they prevent me from sleep as they sing Hymns at 5:00 while they wash their clothes, they are stalwart, friendly and just overall good guys. But seriously I don’t know how these African Elders do it, they are all up till the late hours of like 11 or 12 and they all wake up at 5 to do various things, and they usually sing hymns as loud as they can while they do this. But I love them all regardless.

So yeah a lot of mixed feelings on week three.

Yeah so as I mentioned, the MTC has been pretty barren for the past little while (although it has been pretty peaceful). In fact in the previous sports time there were only the six of us, so I got the chance to pull out the ole hammock and swing in the warm Ghana breeze.

This week for some reason we didn’t get a P-day. Instead we got a three hour block of practice proselyting time. It was a pretty awesome experience because we actually got to go out in Tema on our own, to preach the gospel. I feel like we did decent but I can see a whole lot of room for improvement. During this experience though we got a few contacts (mostly from people who where in the process of cutting and frying plantains). One person actually invited us into her shop and we had the opportunity to give a 45 minute lesson. It’s a great city full of little stands selling certain snacks, people selling goods on their heads, roadside carpenters making and selling their goods, and people randomly dropping their drawers and peeing on the side of the road. Also there are chickens, dogs, lizards, and rats scurrying around everywhere. It was such a great experience, and I was so grateful to get out of the sweet prison (this is what all the elders here called it) to preach the word of God. It made me pumped too to get out there and serve in the Congo.

Also I have gotten pretty into the soundtrack of Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat which is always a fun time.

Oh yeah another thing I have been wanting to mention is that one of my favorite names among the elders is Elder Nqgondi (Nnn [click] ndi) from South Africa.

Another thing I wanted to tell ya is that Sundays are my favorite days here at the sweet prison because of how often and intensely I can feel the spirit. Also I get time to study the scriptures. I’m amazed at how much more hungry I have been to obtain knowledge from the scriptures, whether it be from the Old Testament or the Book of Mormon, or whether it be in English or French. I have a sincere desire to learn.

Oh by the way a funny guy met during proselyting time believed that God came to him and told him that prophets are only prophets if they have a beird. Also he hasn’t been to the hospital in like fifteen years because whenever he is sick he holds this platter above his head and drops it and he is healed. Tema is a crazy place.

In summary, it’s sad and happy to see friends go, sweet prison is good but it is better to get out, and I’ve really been craving rice lately.

Welp, Au Revoir.

-Elder Thomas


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