hip hip hip happy Halloween yall (I’m a wee bit late I suppose)

Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour!

Well, I’m finally able to email on my actual pday so that’s pretty nice. This week has been probably one of the best weeks of my life. Although in many ways it has been very similar to the week before. But regardless it has been so happy and full of love here at the Sweet Prison. Also, although it’s Halloween week, the only scary thing would probably be the state of my hair after my first haircut in Africa.

This week though started pretty interesting because we had the opportunity to have another proselyting experience. We only had an hour or so though because of how long our haircuts took. It took the guy like fifty or so minutes to do my hair alone (with less than satisfactory results). But it was good to get out in Tema again and meet and talk with the people. We got the chance to say hello to Nadoni (the bearded guy from my last letter), he’s such a cool guy, he just sits out in his lawn chair all day so that he can talk to people passing by. That’s about the most interesting thing to happen from that proselyting experience. But it was good to get out of the ole Sweet Prison for a bit, and also to see and serve the people.

Also the MTC was kinda lonely for the first few days of this week, just because there were only six missionaries in the entire missionary training center. So yeah kinda empty, but it was kinda peaceful (although I did miss the missionaries that had left).

After the proselyting experience we went back to the MTC and the mission president asked the six of us if we wanted to join him and Sister Brubaker, for some KFC (pretty much the only fast food in Tema). We were pretty ecstatic to get a taste of some classic American food, and french fries have never tasted so good.

All the new missionaries are such amazing and wonderful people. They are so friendly and nice, I love them all so much. This group of missionaries has three new American missionaries. Also almost half of them are French speaking so that gives me some great practice. Also one of the elders is from France, however its kinda funny because I didn’t know he was from France at first because he’s black. But yeah they’re all so amazing and I love them all. I didn’t think I’d like the new group of missionaries as much as the last group, but boy was I mistaken. Also there are a lot more missionaries from, or going to Congo, Brazzaville, so its been good to talk with them and get some details.

Since it is the fourth week here at the sweet prison, everything has been in French. Sunday especially was kind of interesting because the full day was the same as the Sunday of the first week but in French. So that was a really good experience to help me transition into my eventual full immersion into the French language.

I still can’t believe how hungry I am to study and to feast upon the scriptures and gospel doctrine. I’ve recently started reading Jesus the Christ and can’t believe how much I didn’t know and have yet to know about Jesus. It might be one of the most interesting books I’ve ever read.

Also we got to go to the Temple this morning, which was really good, I love the temple here so much and feel the spirit so strong that at times I am taken aback. The drive to the temple is always a treat too because we get to get a taste of some Accra culture. Its kinda funny too because all the vans here have a big ole sticker pronouncing their faith or a scripture. So you will also see Muslim phrases such as Allah Akbar, which is a pretty cool reminder of how far from the USA we are.

Something that I learned this week was the importance of my attitude in my perspective of the MTC. Although this week has been mainly full of the same repetitive sequence of events had in the previous weeks, my attitude has allowed me enjoy everything.

So, to summarize this week, Sacrament is hard to pay attention to, but even harder to pay attention to in french, the KFC colonel should be given the title of a saint, and Sweet Prison is more fun when filled with amazing missionaries.

Au Revoir,

-Elder Thomas


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