Fifth week y’all

Bonjour bonjour bonjour from the sweetest of prisons.

The Ghana MTC has never felt more alive with missionary spirit, than it has this week. This may be in part due to the fact that I leave fairly soon, and also due to the fact that the people here are about as amazing as people can be.

Oooooo probably the most exciting news of the week would be that this lil missionary is leaving for the Congo five days earlier than I was originally supposed to, and five days earlier than the rest of the missionaries. This is due to the Congo missionaries being needed at the earliest date possible. Although, I’m not quite sure of the specific reasons behind this, I’m just happy to be leaving this Thursday. So this is my last email from the confines of the sweet prison.

This week has been probably the most productive week in terms of language speaking and language comprehension. I have never been able to speak as much French, and also comprehend so much. I’ve been able to have full conversations with the Francophone missionaries, and also been able to have some amazing spiritual experiences with the French language. One of these experiences came out of nowhere when one of the Francophone Sisters asked me to assist with a blessing. Although I wasn’t the one to give the French blessing, I was able to comprehend and feel strongly the spirit. Also during this past fast Sunday, I was compelled to bear my testimony, this was a different experience for me as I’m usually uncomfortable bearing my testimony in English, however I amassed the courage and was able to bear it in French. Another Spiritual experience came during the Temple earlier today when I was able to do an endowments session entirely in French. Its amazing how far I’ve come both spiritually, and in terms of the language in such a short time.

I’m gonna miss Ghana, and I’m gonna especially miss the people I’ve met here. I have an amazing district, and I can never talk enough about how amazing, stalwart, friendly, and loving the people here are. One of my favorite things to happen this week happened Saturday night when all the Francophone missionaries (myself included) got together randomly and just started singing hymns and dancing.

Hmmmmmm I think thats pretty much all I have to write about for this week, anything else would seem a bit repetitive.

L’Esprit est fort dans le prison adorable,

-Elder Thomas


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