Bonjour from Congo

A big ole Bonjour to all from le meilleur mission du monde, and also a fairly late happy birthday to the twinner bugs! Oh and also hows the Christmas season treating y’all? Sadly Christmas isn’t really hyped here in Congo, oh except for these really creepy Santa Claus masks.

But yeah, so this week was really a great week, not much really new happened but it was amazing regardless. I really feel like I am starting to get habituated with the missionary life. I also feel like my comprehension is coming along really well, speaking is another story, but I’m getting there.

Something I learned this week here in Congo is that people really really love their Bible. You gotta really be careful about keeping the lesson from getting derailed and becoming an hour long debate about some vague portion of the Bible. Also people here are super religiously active, on almost every street there will be some sort of church that is blasting their very catchy, yet sometimes annoying music. In fact there is one right across the street from our appartement that is constantly bumping their tunes. I kinda like it though because sometimes they have a really nice drum beat so I’ll start grooving while cooking dinner.

Another thing about our appartement is that we have really scheduled power outages. It’s kinda nice actually how scheduled they are because one can often prepare for them. Yeah, so every two days with power there is a night and morning without it.

It’s kinda funny because in our area there is this lady who goes around every morning at around 5:45 selling pandorra bread (a pretty tasty type of bread here) with a big ole basket on her head. So all the missionaries here in the Talangai appartement will drop everything whenever they hear her chanting “Paaaaaaaaaannnnnnndooooooorrrraaaa,” and they will race to grab money for a loaf, yelling “attendez.” So yup, that’s pretty much how we get our breakfast.

There are so many amazing people here, I can’t talk enough about them. The kids everywhere will stop their makeshift game of soccer to yell out chinoix and run over to shake my hand or ask to feel my hair. The kids who we teach are my favorite though, because they are so receptive to the gospel, and also because they are easier to understand. Also a lot of adult members and investigators are really just amazing, and you can really feel that their lives are being influenced by this message. There are a lot of people really interested in religion here, so we never really have to do any contacting. We simply just walk to our lessons and have people stop us to ask us for brochures or information. That makes it really nice because we always have a full day of lessons.

Oooooooo this week we got to walk through this really cool open air market. They were selling all sorts of crazy meats, including (but not limited to): Turtles (sadly for the eating), Grubs, and Eels (still alive and wiggling).

Overall just a really great week, filled with amazing people, lessons, views, and spiritual moments. J’aime mon compagnon, J’aime l’ouvre du missionnaire, et j’aime Congo. Au le prochain fois.


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