Bonjour tout le monde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joyeux noel!!!!!!! et aussi Joyeux anniversaire a ma mère, et phungers

So something fun that happened this week was that while me and Elder Mongo were descending from a lesson on one of the hills, It started out of nowhere pouring rain (I mean hardcore Africa rain) it caught me and Elder Mongo pretty unprepared as we didn’t have any umbrellas, and we were pretty far from our next rendezvous. So we just bolted for our next rendezvous, who luckily had a place to get out of the rain. While we were running all the African’s would yell Mndelle followed by some other phrase in Lingala. But by the time that me and Elder Mongo got to our next investigators house we were soaked, it was as if we had jumped into a pool of water, so naturally our first response was to take pictures while we waited for our investigator to arrive.

This week I was able to also have my first split. Me and Elder Malu Malu worked that day in his sector, and it was honestly really nice. I suprised myself with how much I was able to add to the lessons, and how much I retained from my training up until this point. It was also fairly interresting to have worked in another sector for the first time in my mission. Also Elder Malu Malu is a riot, we came from the MTC together so we are really good friends already.

Ooooooo also this week was my first Christmas as a missionary, WOW. That’s pretty exciting, and honestly there isn’t anywhere in the world where I would rather be. Christmas week was pretty fun too, and we had the opportunity to eat at the couple’s house, and also at president’s house, it’s always great to get away from missionary cooking every once in a while. Oh and of course I was able to facetime you guys! wow, that was weird, but also super amazing, wow, the first time that I’ve been homesick in three months.

The sacrement meeting yesterday though was rather dissappointing though because due to the rain we only had 15 members in total. Yeah Africans really hate the rain, like really really hate the rain. If it rains a little, their whole day is cancelled.

Au la prochaine fois

Pictures:  First Baptisms, Soaking Wet in the rain,and cleaning fish for dinner

Elder Thomas
















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