Sick Week


This week wasn’t very great, I was pretty sick for four days in a row. Which really sucked because I couldn’t leave or teach for those four days. Yeah being sick in Africa isn’t a very fun experience. Mostly because silence doesn’t quite exist in Africa (especially during the new years celebrations here). At first though I thought it was malaria because the symptoms I had where pretty much the same for malaria but I tested negative for it so that was a relief. But yeah overall not the best experience, 10/10 wouldn’t recommend.

On Sunday though we ate at an investigator’s house, and he served us some river fish, rice, and saka saka. Saka saka is a type of leaf similar to spinach, that almost every African loves. I’m not a big fan of it though because it smells vaguely similar to horse and manure.

Oooooo this p day all the missionaries in Brazzaville got together for a big game of soccer. Everyone is super good and passionate about the game, and then there’s me and Elder Reed (a really cool missionary from San Fran who is almost as new as me) making a big deal whenever we kick the ball vaguely in the right direction.

Désolée pour la petit email, mais rien ne c’est passé cette semaine

Au Revoir

Elder Thomas


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