Spencer’s Letter- Jan 9 2017

This week has truly been an amazing week here in Brazza, being sick the week previous has really allowed me to have a great perspective, and appreciation for every moment we get to get out of the appartment and teach the word of god. I’ve also this past week felt extremely comfortable talking in french and holding conversations by myself with the members and the investigators. Something amazing about this week is that I’m begining to feel really self sufficient, both in the language, and in our day to day errands.

This week me and Elder Mongo have really made a personal effort to work as hard as we can. I love this attitude that we’ve had together because I love to work. Being sick the last week made me realize a lot that I hate lounging around the appartment, and that I’d much rather be out there serving the lord, and my fellow man.

One really cool thing that happened this week was that during one of our lessons a group of three girls under the age of twelve just stopped on their route and stared at us. At first we thought that they stopped and stayed there to stare at the mndelle (which is actually not very surprising as people always stop and stare at this lil white missionary). But they were actually very interested in learning more about our message, which really surprised me that a group of kids that young would show such initiative in attaining a knowledge of Jesus Christ. So we walked with them to their house so that we could ask their parents if we could begin teaching them, and their parents were super friendly and gave their consent. But during the lessons so far they are really engaging and excited about everything that we teach them. It’s lessons like that that really make me thankful that I’m out here preaching the truth to those who have never had the chance to receive it.

It’s funny because in certain lessons our amis will ask about the subject in relation to sorcery, so because sorcery exists in Africa, we have to talk about how the practice of sorcery is Satan working miracles, and how his power and influence will never surpass or come close to that of Jesus Christ.

Before and after our sacrament meetings I will talk with the members and joke around with some of the mamas about how they need to start teaching me lingalla. They really like it when I will say a simple hello in Lingalla. But yeah here in the Congo they call people mamas and papas a lot usually with the older folks, but sometimes I will get called papa mndelle (papa white man).

I have really been working on forming strong friendships with our amis and members. I love these people so much and appreciate every effort they make to understand and grow so much. I’m often surprised with how much joy I have when I see an amis de l’eglise walk into church on Sundays.

Congo is truly an amazing place and I’m so grateful to be here C’est vraiment le meilleur mission du monde. Au le prochain fois tous ma famille et mes amis.

Elder Thomas


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