Elder Thomas From Congo 1.16.17

A big ole bonjour to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was really just an amazing week, I hope you’re not getting tired of my emails starting with that phrase ;).  But yeah we had the opportunity to teach some amazing lessons, and I really feel like I’m growing and progressing in everything.

Something kinda absurd that happened to me here happened on a bus ride a few hours ago. The only spaces on the bus placed me and Elder Mongo apart. After a while a space opened up next to me and a big ole mama sat next to me. She had a beard (a lot of African women grow out their facial hair for some reason), and she was very out spoken and nice. She called me her grandson and tried to pay for my bus ride. But at one point she kissed me on the cheek, just out of the blue. So yeah haha I got some action from a bearded mama on my mission haha ;). It’s pretty funny though because all the time people will ask me to marry their daughters, or even on some occasions ask me to marry them. So yeah I’ve been proposed to on several occasions.

This week was also very helpful, I was able to do a split with Elder Young. But what made this split cool was that it was the first split I’ve had where I stay in my sector. So it was a really cool opportunity to realize my knowledge of our sector, and also to learn from Elder Young. He is also a mndelle so it is the first time on my mission that I’ve worked with another American.

One of our investigators that I think are progressing really well is this group of three girls under the age of 12. They are so excited to see us whenever we pass their house, even when we are just passing because they think that we are going to give them a lesson. They will shout, “Les Elders sont la” and will all run out.

We have another amis who broke his leg (but actually has a cast, which is surprising as most people who brake something just let it sit until their leg becomes permanently deformed), so he just sits at his house pretty much all day, and looks forward to every lesson. His name is Frere Roi (King). The lessons are going pretty good so far and I’m excited to give him a Livre de Mormon.

Ooooo I think I’m gonna have ptsd from my chores this morning. i was in charge of cleaning the exterior parts of our house (we have an area between our house and our wall). But it also includes cleaning the garbage cans, and this week in particular we got a ton of maggots just everywhere out there so I gotta sweep maggots and do all that fun stuff.

More exciting news though, we got a new church building this week, it’s really nice. It’s pretty exciting though because our older building was kinda falling apart.

But yeah I love it here and thank god every day to be here in le meilleur mission du monde. I’m learning and progressing so much in everything, and am so thankful to be a missionary.

Au la prochaine fois

Elder Thomas


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