From Congo 1.24.17

Mbote mbote mbote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting ready to start my eleventh week here in Congo, wow  it feels like I got here yesterday, but at the same time I feel like I’ve become so used to Africa, and grown so much, that I wouldn’t even recognize the missionary who walked off the plane. Oooooooo also I got an authentic african haircut (everything off) so I definitely wouldn’t recognize that little missionary.

So this week was really amazing for a couple of reasons. One of which being that right now we have a lot of investigators that I’m positive will progress to baptism. One of them being Soeur Carell, who is a brand new investigator, but one who already has a really strong testimony of the book of mormon, and the restoration,  and who also asked about baptism during one of our lesson’s.

But my favorite lessons right now are with a group of girls who I talked about in the previous emails. They are Jenny, Destiny, and Rite, and they have so much enthusiasm about each lesson. Each time we even walk by they will all run out and yell Les Elders, Les Elders.

We had a lesson scheduled this week with a nouveau amis, so we scheduled to meet him at a bus stop so that he could show us the way to his house. So he started showing us the way, we began walking up this really steep hillish mountain. His house ended up not being on the top of that hillish mountain but rather on a hill behind that hillish mountain. By the time me and my companion got there we were both drenched completely in sweat. But yeah the lesson ended up going really great though.

This week we went on splits with Elder Cicon, which was a really great experience. I love the way he teaches and learned so much that I want to apply to my own teaching. But we had a lesson with a new amis. The second we saw him we had a negative impression about him, just because he was wearing Muslim prayer robes, we walked in and found a picture of Branham (the man “prophet” who started the Branhamist church) hanging on his wall along with banners from two separate christian churches. So our first impressions were that he was not going to progress. However once we started the lesson we found that he was super interested, and that the reason he had so much different religious stuff was because he is searching for the truth. So someone who we thought would be a hard nut to crack, turned out being golden investigator material.

Thats all for this week, au la prochaine fois!!!!!!!!!!!!


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