Spencer 1.29.17

A big ole bonjour to you all

C’est comment?

This week something really cool happenned. If you remember from the last letter me and elder Mongo have been teaching a group of little girls named Destiny, Jenny, and Rite. But their parents have been refusing to let them go to church. So we have been praying and fasting for them to change their mind. So out of the blue during one of our lessons with them they told us that their parents agreed to let them go if we were to come pick them up and take them. But, not only that, their parents want to come to church the next week. That really took me by suprise and gave me so much jou because now they are one step closer to baptism.

So we came by the sunday morning and they were all so excited and cute whearing their sunday best. During the beginning prayer because it was very long and the person saying it paused for a few seconds one of their little sisters who tagged along who was six years old said, in a cute voice loud enough to be heard by the whole room, “AAAAAAmen.” It was one of the sweetest things, but yeah that sacrament meeting had to be my favorite out of any that I’ve attended.

So these past two or so weeks we’ve had a rat that’s been running around and scaring the crap out of me. So a few days ago me and Elder Cicon had found it in the bookshelf and decided to put an end to it’s reign of terror . Elder Mongo and Elder Kayemve didn’t join us because they wanted us to prove our manliness. We didn’t quite prove our manliness though as although we killed it the process of killing it required a lot of screaming (at a pitch that was very suprisingly high) and jumping around. But hey we killed it.

This week we also didn’t have water for a while. Our water reserve ran out and we didn’t have water to cook dinner, which would’ve been a bad thing however it was my turn to cook that night so I was pretty glad.

We have so many amazing amis right now with so much potential. I really hope that I’m not transferred this week just because I want to see them progress and grow.

Lately I’ve been having a few dreams in french too which is always an interresting experience. I also feel like I am really progressing with my french.

Je suis content d’être ici en Brazza, et je suis plus content pour l’occasion d’être un missionnaire. C’est vraiment la meilleur oeuvre du monde


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