2.6.17- Elder Thomas

Bonjour, Mbote, et Jambo to all of y’all!!!!!!!!!!!

This week was another amazing week in Brazza. The biggest news of the week has to be that this lil missionary is finally out of training!!!!! Oh also we had transfers this week, which was kinda anticlimactic as everyone was expecting a huge transfer (which usually occurs every six months) however for the elders there only two people in the whole mission that had a change happen. One of which was for Elder Cicon, who will be forming pretty soon. I’m pretty happy about this because I will no longer be the baby of the appartement.

Something else that happened this week was that we were able to teach a guy who claimed to be a sorceror. He had candle wax drippings all over his house, and he claimed to be able to see into different cities while resting at his house in Brazza. He was a pretty creepy guy and we felt some weird vibes from him, so we hurried up the lesson and got out of there.

One of the lessons that stood out to me this week was one with a recent convert. This is because throughout the lesson there was a goat that kept running back and forth the whole time screaming in a human manner like those goats on youtube. So it was hard not to laugh because every two or three minutes we’d hear “aaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa.”

This Sunday was one of my favorite Sunday’s because we had so many Amis who came, we had about eleven of our amis attend. All of them are so close to baptism, and I am so excited to see their progress.

We had a tender experience during one of our lessons where one of our amis, Frere Farell, really opened up to us. We were talking about one of the commandements and he asked us in all sincerity about why god gives us hardships. While responding to his question I could feel the Spirit as if it were tangible guiding me and helping me to reach him. I love lessons like that that take certain turns from what is plans to adjust to the needs of the people we serve.

I love Congo and I am so happy to spend another six weeks here.

Au la prochaine fois,

Elder Thomas



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