Jambo- 2.13.17


So I’m saying hello in Swahilli today for two reasons, the first being that it is the only word in Swahilli that I know, and the second being that we got a new missionary who knows Swahilli. His name is Elder Kaba and he is fresh out of the MTC which is pretty exciting for me because I am no longer the baby in the appartement. It’s pretty fun to watch someone going through the same adjustments and confusion as me. He is an awesome kid from Lumbashi, RDC.

Ooooo last night we had a pretty cool African thunderstorm, the thunder was so loud that it rattled the doors. Ooooo speaking of last night I found out that we have another rat. I found this out because last night I woke up to him about a foot away from my head. So yeah that freaked me out enough to wake up elder Mongo.

The open air markets always remind me that I’m not in Kansas anymore. this being that they epitomize a third world setting, all the mammas make a special effort to yell moundelle, while piles of fish, meats, and fruits, lie on tarps surrounded by flies, and all the while we are surrounded by a pleasant aroma of poop. Hahah I love it nonetheless, I would take a picture of the setting to show you all but the mammas would judge me.

One of my favorite happenings of this week though was while me and Elder Mongo were walking along a path, and these two eight year olds who where fighting rather ferouciously stopped fighting randomly, just to yell chinois at me.

We are so close to Baptizing so many amis, it is so exciting to see their spiritual progression. We also have an onslaught of new amis and new contacts, the work is really progressing here in Africa. Some exciting news is that President Monga said that we are really really close to opening Central African Republic. Another peice of exciting news is that the next President of the mission will be a Canadian named President Thompson.

C’est bon d’être une missionnaire, et une serviteur de Dieu

Au Revoir

Elder Thomas


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