Elder Thomas 2.20.17

Boooooooooooooooooooonjour all of y’all!!!!!!!!!!!

Well this week was really good, but it was also very ordinary, there wasn’t much that really happened. We pretty much had a really regular week, but that’s good because regular is a great thing.

So at the moment we are preparing three people for their baptism, and I might also be baptising them. They are Fr Farel, and Sr Chancelvie, and Grace, and they all where in need of an interview with President Monga which was kinda difficult because we had to schedule transport to the office. But yeah we are super excited and we feel like they are really really well prepared, and that they have a lot of faith.

This Sacrament meeting was pretty good too, we had sixteen investigators show up, which really suprised me because I thought the rain would make it so that no one would come (because africans hate the rain). But yeah it went really well, and lately in Highpriests we have been studying the teachings of Gordan B. Hinckley, so I am super excited for every High priests quorum. We talked about his teachings on having optimism and it really inspired me, I even wrote “la vie est belle” on my dresser. He is the epitome of a man who lived his life and taught in accordance to gospel principles.

I’ve also started reading the Bible from start to finish, just to say that I did, and that has been pretty fun. I love the teachings and stories from the old testiment, even though Leviticus talks a little too thouroughly about sacrifices.

This week I also got the  chance to go on a split and teach with my MTC buddy Elder Malu Malu, that was pretty fun and it really made me realize that i have come so far since the begining. Not because I know the lessons more, but rather because I am more able and more comfortable with teaching based on the guidance of the Holy Ghost. That was a very important realization for me as at the begining I was stumbling and unable to speak my mind well, but now I can confidently look my amies in the eye and speak the words that the spirit has guided me to say.

Ooooo we also got in a car wreck, that was pretty exciting. Haha it was on the way to the split and me and Elder Mongo took a cab, while we were stuck in traffic a big ole police truck bumped into our side. It was nothing really exciting, it was just a little love tap that dented the cab and rattled us a wee bit.

C’était une bonne semaine et je suis reconnaissant pour tous ce que dieu m’a accordé, Dieu sois avec vous jusqu’au revoir


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