Elder Thomas 2.28.17

BOOOOnjourrrrrr tout le monde

This week has been a really really good week here in Brazza

The highlight of the week was definitely the baptismal service that we were able to have. It was just a really spiritual experience and we were able to have two amis get baptised, Fr Farel and Sr Chancelvie. Yeah I was pretty upset though because we were planning on having another amis, Sr Grace, get baptized but she changed her mind at the last minute, so we are planning on seeing her sometime this week to ask whats up. But it was just a really special experience because I was able to see the power of conversion, especially with the Fr Farel. We were able to help him overcome some really big spiritual obstacles in his life and we had the chance to talk after the baptism and he told me about how thankful he was that we found him and helped him. It was just an amazing experience.

This week me and Elder Cicon also started a pact where we would start running everymorning, so that has been fun for me because I love to run and I haven’t really got the chance to do so up until this point. Also an added bonus is that sometimes it freaks people out to see two white people running in the dark. OOoooooo also Elder Cicon taught me how to make yoghurt which might be one of the other highlights of the week.

We have gotten recently a whole ton of amis who assist sacrament meeting and are really close to baptism so it will be interesting to see them all progress and grow in the gospel. One of these amis is a girl named Sr Mercia who really loves and understands our teachings. She accepted the baptismal invitation that we extended the first lesson, and since then has been anxious to learn more.

My favorite amis right now are this group of girls that I have mentioned in my previous emails. They are always excited for each lesson, and they come to church every sunday. Also on the back of every pamphlet that we give them I draw a little picture of me that I call a petit Elder Thomas, and they love that so much.

Ooooooo this morning we had a ton of maggots on our kitchen floor who had been hiding out and festering under the trash can. Also it was my day to clean the kitchen so I had to sweep them up, haha I always get stuck sweeping up the massive piles of maggots. But it was also pretty fun because we got to burn them hehe.

Alright I’m gonna peace out for today

Je vous aime

Elder Thomas




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