Elder Thomas 3.6.17

Bonjour y’all

Sorry I wasn’t able to email yesterday we had trop de chose a faire, we had to go to the market, had a family home evening, and had to get the working fund from the office, but that’s okay because president is letting us do our cyber today.

So this was a really really really good week. This is because me and Elder Mongo are currently preparing six people to be baptized on the 17th. The number used to be at ten, but the other four had things that will cause them to be baptized at a later date. So yeah, we are really excited for all the progress that the people of Massa are making. There are so many people whom the lord has prepared for this message and it is truly exciting to see their growth.

Oooooo so at our apartment there is a tin sheeting church that is right across the dirt path. But last night something creepy/funny happened, there was a crazy guy who was hanging out in the street in front of the church. He was yelling nonsense words and running and twirling in front of the closed church. He would start yelling “Mon Dieu” (french for my god) over and over again and would start banging himself on the tin sheeting door of the church. At one point he even started yelling “my god” in English over and over again. I took a video of it so I’ll send that to y’all next week. Yeah but it was fairly interesting.

Right now we are working really hard to prepare all of our amis for their rapidly approaching Baptism date. One of our amis is a young woman named Soeur Mercia, we met her about two or three weeks ago and she has been progressing really really really fast. She already has her baptism date set for the 17th.

I have felt more comfortable this week with my French than I ever have, It feels so cool to look at where I am now versus where I was in the beginning. I’d be so cool if I was still in French class.

Bonne c’est juste une petite lettre aujourd’hui, mais l’oeuvre est bien en Congo Brazzaville.

Au Revoir

Elder Thomas



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