3.13.17 Elder Thomas

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnjour ma famille

How are y’all doing?

Well as usual all the missionaries are getting pumped up this week because it is transfers week. However I don’t think we should be because in this mission transfers are not very common in fact there are several missionaries who have spent more than a year in one area.  But I’d be really fine with that just because our area is really awesome, and the lord has prepared so many people here to hear this message.

Oooooooo one of the fun occurances of this week was that we were able to have a zone conference, which is always a fun time because president is one of the most spiritual men that I’ve ever met and meeting with him is always a revitalizing experience.

We have been having a whole lot of baptismal interviews this week because all of the missionaries are trying to get their baptisms in for before the transfer. Which is fun as I am the companion of the district leader, and everytime there is an interview I get to go on a split or talk with the sister missionaries for two hours. This week I went on a split with elder Cicon which is always fun because while we are walking to our next lessons we are constantly messing around and having fun (in a respectful missionary manner).

Ooooo the sister missionaries are always fun to talk to, we always joke around and all that, they told me that I already speak french which is a good ole confidence booster.

We have so many amazing amis that we are preparing right now, however I was kinda dissappointed because some of our amis that we were preparing for the baptism didn’t come to church this last week so we have to postpone their baptism.

It’s also kinda difficult because abortions are a really big problem here so with almost any girl over 18 it is almost guaranteed that they have had one, so we are constantly having to have president perform the baptismal interview. However it is not a problem that can’t be overcome thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Also something amazing that has happened was that the kids that we have been preparing for a while are prepped and ready for their baptism, and their parents have started coming to church and wanting the lessons so we will be starting that the next week and I will let you know how it goes.

Au revoir

Elder Thomas






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