3.20.17 Transfer Week

Bonjour a vous tous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week was a really great week, I suppose you are all a little bit tired of that heading but it’s true a lot of amazing things happened this week. However the biggest news of the whole week was that we got our transfer letters!!! So Petit Elder Thomas is gonna stay here in Massa, however Elder Mongo is leaving me for Point Noire. He was pretty extatic about that news as he has spent around eight months here in Massa. I will be receiving Elder Nkashama as my new companion. Although I am a little sad to say goodbye to Elder Mongo I am also excited to lead the sector, and learn from another experienced missionary.

The second most exciting news of the week was that I ate worms, haha I can finally respond to the question of “What was the craziest thing you ate on your mission.” Also they actually weren’t bad, I just couldn’t look at it too closely. But yeah elder Mongo prepared it, and I will send pics.

Another really funny thing that happened was that while we were walking up a hill to our next rendez-vous we heard from a distance a group of little kids chanting “Chinois, Chinois, Chinoix” in unison. The next thing we knew, me and Elder Mongo were surrounded by little kids continuing the chant and grabbing my arm to escort me up the hill. Elder Mongo tried to take a video of the event but once he started filming they stopped their chant.

Elder Mongo is pretty sad to leave though just because next week we are planning on baptizing six amis who are really prepared and ready for baptism. It is vraiment an exciting time to be a missionary here in Brazza, and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to spend six more weeks with these people who I have grown to love so much.

Au Revoir,

Elder Thomas


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