3.27.17 Elder Thomas

Bonjourrrrrr toute le monde

How’re y’all doin?

Things have been pretty good in lil ole Brazza.

One of the most exciting pieces of news this week was that I got a new companion!!!! He is really cool, and he also has one of the strongest testimonies that I’ve ever seen. Wow and boy does he teach with the spirit. During one of our lessons with an investigator named Soeur Carrelle we taught a full hour long conversation based off of the presentation that God gave of Jesus when he appeared to the Nephites. Pretty much an entire lesson based off of the phrase “Ecoute-le” which means listen to him, and at one point in the lesson Soeur Carrelle asked us “how can I listen to Jesus” and wow it just turned into an amazing lesson centered on the principle of putting the gospel into application. At the end of that lesson me and Elder Nkashama were both like wow, that was amazing.

He is also a very funny missionary, so we have been joking around and really just loving the work here in Brazza. I’m also really loving leading our sector.

This week we also had an amazing baptismal service. We got the opportunity to baptize Jenny, Ruth, and Destinée, as well as Soeur Mercia. All of which are amazing and have developped such strong testimonies. It was such a spiritual experience to see these people who I have come to love so much enter into the fold of god, it really puts the importance of this work into perspective.

Ooooooo also we got a new American in our district, this is pretty exciting as it means that I’m no longer the newest American missionary in the mission. He’s pretty cool, his name is Elder Robbins and the lucky guy is half black so he won’t get to experience the joyful barrage of nihou, chinois, and moundelle.

Oooooo I also got to visit the Brazzaville Bridge last Pday, it is probably the biggest tourist site in the city so it was pretty coool, I’ll send y’all some pics of the event.

Something else that has been going on is that the whole city of Brazzaville has been on a gas shortage the past few weeks, which means it’s pretty difficult for us to cook. They sent us a hot plate but that stopped working last week. But it’s been pretty fun because for the last week we have eaten nothing but street food (chicken and manioc).

Toute va bien ici en Brazza, je vous aime, et je vais vous voir la prochaine fois

au revoir

Elder Thomas




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