Elder Thomas 4.10.17

Booooonjourr tout le monde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I am dying over here at the cyber, it is literally a sweat lodge. Although I am pretty used to being dreanched in sweat so I suppose it doesn’t phase me.

This week was another amazing week here in Afrique, although it was amazing it was farely uneventful. But I’ll catch you up on all the deats anyways.

So right now we are in the process of preparing four investigators for their planned baptism on the thirtieth of this month. We have Soeur Fatti (yes her name is pronounced like fatty) who is the sister of another amis who was recently baptized, Soeur Stephi, Soeur Jeancia, and Frere Pavell. All of these folks are amazing and I have already seen tremendous changes in their lives.

We hqve also really been trying hard to work more with the members, one of the members that I love working with is Frere Yassin. He is kinda like a little brother to me, in that me and him just joke around all day. But we have als been really lucky to have a lot of the members invite their friends to church, which allows us to always have new amis.

Ooooooo this week me and Elder Nkashama where taking a bus and leaning up against one of the seats was this random bag. All of the sudden a Chicken popped it’s head out of the bag and started looking around. This happened to scare the living daylights out of this one three year old who started to crawl his way onto my lap to try and escape the chicken’s reign of terror. Yeup just another day on the bus:

Ooooo a cool cultural fact:

There is a greeting that men do here when they want to show friendship and respect. You start by shaking the other guy’s hand, and by putting the other hand on the shoulder of the other guy. After this you lean your head in and lightly tap both sides of the other guy’s head with your own head, and you finish by tapping foreheads with the other guy. It’s pretty dang interresting.

Also another interresting fact about Congo is that most stores are owned by middle eastern muslim dudes. So we have a bunch of friends and connections in the muslim community which is always a party.

C’est tout pour cette semaine,

Au Revoir

Elder Thomas

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