5.1.17- Elder Thomas

Bonjour la famille

So the biggest news of the week is that we had mutations, oops I mean transfers haha so it looks like I am staying here in massa, but I will have a new companion who is named Elder Tshibanda. I’m excited for the opportunity to continue here in Massa and also for the chance to learn from another experienced missionary. From what I’ve heard of him he works hard so I’m excited to get him.

hmmmm this week not much really happened, except Ngamakosso (the sector that we work in the most) got heavily hit by rain, some of our recent convert’s and amis’ houses got trashed, flooded, buried, or almost destroyed, so we have really been praying for them and trying to help them in any way possible. I’m surprised with how much I have grown to love these people, when I saw all that happened to them I almost wanted to cry.

I saw a monkey in a tree, usually we just see monkeys on chains, so I thought that that was pretty dang cool.

Oooooo this week was pretty sad too because I had to say goodbye to soeur kaka. She has been in our district since the beginning of my mission and we have become really good friends. She finished her mission this week so that was pretty tough.

The work is progressing here really well, we have a lot of new amis who we are teaching who I think will progress really well, our church assistance is really high, and over all I’m just loving it. One of our amis named Sr Anita used to be a jehovah’s witness but she quit, and since then she has been really interested in our teachings and has even been assisting frequently at church.

Tout va bien dans la meilleur mission du monde

je vous aime et je vais vous parler la prochaine semaine

Au Revoir

Elder Thomas


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