Elder Thomas 5.8.17

Howdy howdy howdy

This week I don’t have too much to write about, but it was a great week. Elder Tchibanda is an awesome guy and we have been working great together. He is so obedient and hard working so we have been getting along great.

We have had a few amazing lessons this week. One of which was with a new investigator, Fr Erik, who has already started to progress well. He explained to us how he was always skeptical about religion and thought that the idea of having a church was pretty cray. He was having a debate with one of his friends (who is a member of our church), and he decided to give it a try. He assisted a church session and felt a strong impulse that this church was true. He already has a baptismal date set and we are really excited to continue our teachings with him.

Ooooo we decided that our previous method of killing rats (me and elder Cicon running around with brooms and screaming) was a little bit inefficient, so we decided to by a rat trap (one that traps the rat in a metal cage). So far we have caught one rat a night totaling to five rats. Although one rat was a lil bit too cute to kill so we had to let it go.

Oooo our washing machine broke, so poor ole spencie is stuck doing it by hand.

and hmmmm I believe that’s it for this week,

A la prochaine

Elder Thomas




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