Elder Thomas 5.22.17 and 5.29.17



Bonjour bonjour

It was another amazing week here in Brazza. I am pretty exhausted though as we just got back from the market. We have been doing a lot and loving the work.

This week Elder Tshibanda and I where reminded that god guides his servants in this work. This reminder happpened as we were on our way to visit an investigator. We had planned to visit her around five pm at the ward building however we were a little late, having been caught up in the previous lesson. Elder Tshibanda and I where in the bus and for the first time, and for no apparant reason we missed the stop that we usually take to get to the church. This resulted in us taking a route that we had never, and would have never taken. On this road we ran into Soeur Anita (the investigator we had planned to teach), walking back to her home, having seen that the church building was closed. If we had not been guided in that small manner we would have missed that amazing lesson. In this lesson (about the plan of salvation) Soeur Anita asked us if she would ever see her dad again, and upon recieving the response she confided with us that she felt reassured and comforted. Though this was a small miracle, it was able to lead to the comfort of our investigator.

Also this week was very special as one of my converts, who I had found, and taught with Elder Mongo, and who just recieved the aaronic preisthood, was able to bless the sacrament. I suppose that that is one of the blessings of being in one sector for a long time, you are able to see the spiritual progression of a people that you have grown to love so much. I’m so proud of Fr Farell and the milestone changes he has made in his life.

I love this work

Et je suis reconnaissant que je puisse être ici

Love you all

Elder Thomas


yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo from the Congoooooooo

Howdy howdy,

This week was an amazing week, we started the week with one person with a baptismal date, and now we are ending the week with seven, all planned for the 10th of june.

Me and my companion are working so hard to prepare these amazing people and its so amazing to watch them hold commitments that will change their lives forever.

One of the most exciting happenings of this week was that we were able to have our stake conference at the Congress building, this is probably the nicest building that I have been in since I left the Temple in Ghana. It was a really cool building and I’ll send you all some pictures of it. It was a good conference, though at the same time it was a bit locale (missionary slang for low quality). But that’s all right because our ward worked really hard to bring their friends and family who aren’t in the church, and we were able to get a lot of contact information. Though with my mission we never do contacting door to door, we always have amis because the members are so excited to share the gospel with their loved ones.

Not much else really happened this week we just taught a lot of amazing lessons, one of

them was with sister anita, who used to be a jehovah’s witness. This lesson was on the plan of salvation, and it was just a regular lesson, but for some reason the spirit was so strong, and we could all identify the presence of that spirit. At the end of the lesson she accepted the Baptismal date, so we are really excited to watch as she progresses in the gospel.

Je vous aime

Elder Thomas




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