6.5.17- Elder Thomas



This week was pretty darn good, we have had a ton of really amazing lessons, also I went on a split with Elder Kaba which was a fun experience.

Right now we are preparing three people for their baptism this sunday, they are really prepared and ready to make this commitment. One of them, Sister Anita asked us during one of our lessons if living the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring her peace in her life (perfect investigator question). She consequently asked us if we felt peace in our lives, though all around us was the hustle and bustle of a very unpeaceful world, I had no trouble responding with a oui.

A funny experience that happened during one of our lessons was one of our more locale (missionary slang for crazy) investigators , Soeur Lor. We asked her if she would let just anyone from off the streets baptize her. She then went off on a rant talking about how she wouldn’t because they don’t have the holy ghost, and because they wouldn’t be clean. We slipped in a “also they wouldn’t have the prêtrise (French for preisthood)” and then she went on with her rant by saying “They wouldn’t have the prêtrise, they wouldn’t have the maîtrise (French for mastery).” So needless to say she didn’t really understand much.

Me and Elder Kaba went on a split the other day, it was in my sector and I made him climb a big hill to get to one of our investigators house, and they weren’t there. So we had a photo op, with the view of the valley in the background, to make it up to him. He is a good kid and we had a fun time.

We have still been catching a bunch of rats (I literally don’t know where they all come from), and everything else is going really well.

A la prochaine

Elder Thomas



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