6.13.17 Elder Thomas – Cameroon

Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour

So this week was pretty hectic,

For the first part of the week we were pretty busy figuring things out for the baptism of Sister Anita and Brother Richesse. We were working overtime to get their lessons in, and also to get them their various baptismal interviews. But it all finished with an amazing and heavily spiritual service. Brother Richesse came up to me and gave me the biggest hug after the service. These are two people who have both been involved in different churches for most of their lives, and have gone through and overcome persecutions among family and friends. So we were happy to see them go through with the covenant of baptism.

This weeks church session was a little bit sad also as I had to say goodbye to many people who have become like family to me. Many people who I have helped and taught, all of my converts, and many of the people who I have worked side by side with throughout the last seven months. It was also hard to say goodbye to the missionaries here who have been brothers to me, and who have helped me to be the missionary who I am today. So it was a week of goodbyes, but also a week of new opportunities.

Oh by the way I got transferred to Cameroon, I am currently serving in the Anguissa branch in Yaounde. I was unable to write yesterday as I had to take a plane to get to Douala, and an additional six hour bus ride to get to Yaounde. I got transferred with Elder Reed, me and him are both serving in the same district. The plane ride was pretty cool because as we were landing we got a glimpse of the massive jungle of Douala, we saw a ton of rivers and the images of hippos basking in the waters. Sadly though we only got a few seconds to take it in. The bus ride however gave us a more personal glimpse of the jungle as most of the ride was through the jungle.

It is only my first day here but I love it!!!!!!!!! It is so beautiful here I can hardly stand it. I love my new companion and I know that we are going to work hard here. Even though I have only spent about five hours in the sector I have already found out that here in Yaounde there are a ton of hills. It is seriously like the San Francisco of Africa because of all the huge, steep hills that scatter our sector, I am gonna get a serious thigh work out working here.

I love you all and I am excited to work in Anguissa right beside my amazing companion

Elder Thomas


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