6.19.17 First week in Camerooooouuuun

First week in Cameroun!! Or Cameroon, if you are an English speaker.

So this week started out pretty cool as the first thing that we did was get water from a local source (this was necessary as the whole area hadn’t had water for the past week). we had to hike a little to get to it, but it was essentially just a pipe with water running from it, from an unknown source. This would have been sketchy if we were using the water as drinking water, but we were only using it to wash the appartment, our dishes, and ourselves.

One of the more daunting aspects of Cameroun, is the vast amount of steep hills. However, I really like the hills as they are a very good source of exercise (I’m seriously going to have amazing thighs when I come home), they also remind me a lot of San Francisco.

This morning I got a chance to play soccer with all the missionaries in Yaounde, which was fun, even though my presence on the field didn’t really affect the outcome of the game. But it was played on a dirt field just at the base of one of the mountains of Yaounde.

My companion and I have been getting along really well and I have been trying to get a hang on the sector as fast as I can. This week we also had a very spiritual lesson with soeur Sandra, in this lesson we talked with her about baptism. Although it was just a regular lesson, it was heavily guided by the spirit, and this resulted in a very spiritually heavy atmosphere. She later told us that what we said really touched her, however we as missionaries know that it’s the spirit that touched her not us.

Oooooooo this week I had another interesting culinary experience. Here in Cameroun, termites are sold as a snack by street vendors. So I got a chance to eat some cooked termites. It was actually pretty good and it was also very well spiced (though a little bit too spicy). I really think that my mission wins the award for the strangest cuisines.

Thats it for this week, I am loving Cameroun and I really think I will be a force of good here.

Elder Thomas

LOVE me some termites

Our really pretty church buildingIMG_0899.JPG


crappy pictures, quality bus ride

Goodbyes to talangai, and traveling

Baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!! From last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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