Lettre hebdomadaire


C’est comment?

Hmmmmm so this week was pretty regular, not much stuff happening, and not really much to explain. We have one person scheduled to be baptized next saturday. We are also helping out our new branch presidency as they were just called last week. We are also still teaching a lot, finding a lot of new investigators, and over all just loving the work.

Earlier this day we got the chance to play soccer, so I, with my extraordinary soccer skills, got the chance to be a meat sheild (In other words I didn’t really contribute to the outcome of the game). But it was pretty cool because we played on a field that is located at the base of one of the mountains of Yaoundé.

Oooo we had a family home evening yesterday at the home of the second counselor of our branch presidency. We taught about agency, and the lesson was good (up until the point where it turned into an intervention for one of their sons). He promised that next week he will cook us either caterpillars, or dog.

I’m a little tired from all the energy I exerted from not really doing anything in that soccer game earlier today, so I’m just gonna end for today.

Au revoir et je vous aime,

Pics:  Football in paradise, Appartement d’Anguissa, Gombo, a vegetable with the texture of mucus, Me and Moroni

Elder Thomas


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