Weekly letter yo


So we were supposed to have a baptism this week for the Soeur I was describing the last time buuuuuuuuut…… pas vraiment. She decided (or rather her husband decided) that she wants to wait so that she can be baptised with her whole family, which is a good thing as it’s always better for things to be done as a family, but it’s a bad thing if her family doesn’t progress. But we are working with them a lot and trying to teach everyone in the family. The only thing that could impede them from progressing is that Fr Bala (the husband) has to work every Sunday, but we are working with him and trying to get his schedule changed.

A few days ago me and my companion went to one of our investigators houses and found out that he wasn’t there (pretty normal) so we decided to pay some of our other investigators a visit. We arrived at their house and we found a group of people gathered at the door, which we thought was a bit strange. We went inside and found that our investigator’s daughter was lying on the couch semiconscious and unresponsive, with her mother on another couch in the same condition. No one was quite sure what the problem was, I think they had some problem breathing. They had wanted to call the missionaries so that we could give them a blessing, however they didn’t have the credits to make the call. But we arrived, and the father told us that the moment we had walked into the room the daughter’s eyes opened and she started to be more responsive. We were able to offer a blessing, and we were told that they were both back to normal by the evening.

Ooooooo I was able to meet our new mission president!!!!!! He is an amazing and very spiritual man, we were able to have a very spiritual zone conference with him as well. Also, his name, President Thompson, is similar to my name so I’ve had to endure several jokes from the members of our branch. Haha now the members get to call me President Thompson, in addition to calling my Thomas Spencer Monson.

Alright I love you all, and I’m loving life here in Yaoundé

Elder Thomas/Thompson/Thomas S Monson


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