7.31.17 Cameroon

Pics- Les Grandparents, On the edge of the jungle/us sitting in the bushes

and Random roads

7.31.17 Letter

Hey hey hey,

This week Elder Kenabualu and I had the opportunity to go out to the more villagey area of our sector once more to teach our investigator out there. Sigh, but sadly he decided not to show up (happens all the time), so me and Elder Kenabualu took a bunch of pictures out there so that the trip wouldn’t be in vain.

We also had the chance to teach my African grandparents (our investigators who are around ninety years old). I love them so much, they are such amazing and happy folks. I asked my African grandma if I could take a picture with her and she got so excited, I showed the picture to her and she excitedly exclaimed “Oh it’s me with my son!” I also took a picture with African grandpa, and when I showed it to grandma she laughed because african grandpa is blind and wasn’t looking at the camera. We also started to teach them about the restoration, but we shifted the lesson to the Plan of Salvation because they worriedly asked us whether or not they would see their family again when they die. They explained to us about how they hadn’t had the opportunity to know their parents very well and about how their brothers and sisters where already dead. They were so excited to hear about how families can be eternal. It’s funny how simple truths that I have taken for granted my entire life can lighten the loads, and brighten the lives of others in such amazing ways.

Ooooooo I also learned a very important fact, if you accidently fall asleep in a taxi with the windows rolled down, the people outside will smack your face.

Alrighty I think that’s it for this week

A la prochaine

Elder Thomas

7.24 Letter

Bonjour bonjour bonjour

This week we were able to have our district conference. that was a fun experience as we were able to hear some amazing talks from our Mission President, and also from one of the area seventies. The member who I was talking about in my last email (the one who’s child me and my companion were able to heal last week) also got to bear his testimony, he bore his testimony on the power of the priesthood and he mentioned the experience we had last week. It’s interesting to see the impact one unknowingly makes on the lives and testimonies of others when one is simply doing his duty to god.

This week me and Elder Kenabualu where also able to go out to one of the more villagy areas of our sector to teach a new investigator. I really wish that I had my camera because this area was bordering a really jungly area. His name is Fr Pierre, and he really opened up to us (even though it was the first visit) about all the hardships he’s gone through in his life, one of which included being a prisoner. We were able to offer him consolation with the simple message that god love’s us. We are excited to be with him and we hope that he will continue to grow and strengthen his testimony.

Ooooo this week was transfers week, and I’m happy to say that I’m staying right here in Anguissa with Elder Kenabualu. In fact no one in Yaoundé was moved, which I’m happy about as everyone here is really cool.

Well I think that that’s about it for this week

Je vous aime

Elder Thomas


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