c’est comment?

This was a very amazing and productive week, me and my companion were really able to hit the pavement, and had an average of six lessons per day.

If you recall a few emails ago I was telling you about one of our investigators who wanted to get baptized, but her husband wouldn’t let her. Then her husband miraculously decided to let her get baptized on the condition that they get baptized as a family. Well one of the problems with this senario was that it was very difficult for the husband to get sundays off of work, to allow for him to come to church. But, miraculously there was very recently a sudden change in the schedule which switched his rest day from saturday to sunday. So Frere Bala, his wife, and their daughter Jessica are now able to come to church, and they also have a baptism date set for the second of september.

It’s pretty cool, because we started this week with zero baptismal dates, but we are ending it now with seven. If all goes as planned, September 2nd is going to be a huge day.

Well in the midst of all this progress and all these amazing investigators, there are always a few who are crazy. We had one investigator who, after learning about how jesus established his church, asked us the very thought provoking question of, “why did god love david so much?” Another investigator spent about thirty minutes telling us about how multiple things can be turned into alcohol. Oh and another crazy guy named papa bongo who, while drunk, gave us his contact information, turned out to be dead when we tried to contact him fifteen days later. I suppose you win some and you lose some.

La vie est belle

Elder Thomas


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