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C’est comment?

Hmmmmm so this week was pretty regular, not much stuff happening, and not really much to explain. We have one person scheduled to be baptized next saturday. We are also helping out our new branch presidency as they were just called last week. We are also still teaching a lot, finding a lot of new investigators, and over all just loving the work.

Earlier this day we got the chance to play soccer, so I, with my extraordinary soccer skills, got the chance to be a meat sheild (In other words I didn’t really contribute to the outcome of the game). But it was pretty cool because we played on a field that is located at the base of one of the mountains of Yaoundé.

Oooo we had a family home evening yesterday at the home of the second counselor of our branch presidency. We taught about agency, and the lesson was good (up until the point where it turned into an intervention for one of their sons). He promised that next week he will cook us either caterpillars, or dog.

I’m a little tired from all the energy I exerted from not really doing anything in that soccer game earlier today, so I’m just gonna end for today.

Au revoir et je vous aime,

Pics:  Football in paradise, Appartement d’Anguissa, Gombo, a vegetable with the texture of mucus, Me and Moroni

Elder Thomas


6.19.17 First week in Camerooooouuuun

First week in Cameroun!! Or Cameroon, if you are an English speaker.

So this week started out pretty cool as the first thing that we did was get water from a local source (this was necessary as the whole area hadn’t had water for the past week). we had to hike a little to get to it, but it was essentially just a pipe with water running from it, from an unknown source. This would have been sketchy if we were using the water as drinking water, but we were only using it to wash the appartment, our dishes, and ourselves.

One of the more daunting aspects of Cameroun, is the vast amount of steep hills. However, I really like the hills as they are a very good source of exercise (I’m seriously going to have amazing thighs when I come home), they also remind me a lot of San Francisco.

This morning I got a chance to play soccer with all the missionaries in Yaounde, which was fun, even though my presence on the field didn’t really affect the outcome of the game. But it was played on a dirt field just at the base of one of the mountains of Yaounde.

My companion and I have been getting along really well and I have been trying to get a hang on the sector as fast as I can. This week we also had a very spiritual lesson with soeur Sandra, in this lesson we talked with her about baptism. Although it was just a regular lesson, it was heavily guided by the spirit, and this resulted in a very spiritually heavy atmosphere. She later told us that what we said really touched her, however we as missionaries know that it’s the spirit that touched her not us.

Oooooooo this week I had another interesting culinary experience. Here in Cameroun, termites are sold as a snack by street vendors. So I got a chance to eat some cooked termites. It was actually pretty good and it was also very well spiced (though a little bit too spicy). I really think that my mission wins the award for the strangest cuisines.

Thats it for this week, I am loving Cameroun and I really think I will be a force of good here.

Elder Thomas

LOVE me some termites

Our really pretty church buildingIMG_0899.JPG


crappy pictures, quality bus ride

Goodbyes to talangai, and traveling

Baptism!!!!!!!!!!!!! From last week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.13.17 Elder Thomas – Cameroon

Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour

So this week was pretty hectic,

For the first part of the week we were pretty busy figuring things out for the baptism of Sister Anita and Brother Richesse. We were working overtime to get their lessons in, and also to get them their various baptismal interviews. But it all finished with an amazing and heavily spiritual service. Brother Richesse came up to me and gave me the biggest hug after the service. These are two people who have both been involved in different churches for most of their lives, and have gone through and overcome persecutions among family and friends. So we were happy to see them go through with the covenant of baptism.

This weeks church session was a little bit sad also as I had to say goodbye to many people who have become like family to me. Many people who I have helped and taught, all of my converts, and many of the people who I have worked side by side with throughout the last seven months. It was also hard to say goodbye to the missionaries here who have been brothers to me, and who have helped me to be the missionary who I am today. So it was a week of goodbyes, but also a week of new opportunities.

Oh by the way I got transferred to Cameroon, I am currently serving in the Anguissa branch in Yaounde. I was unable to write yesterday as I had to take a plane to get to Douala, and an additional six hour bus ride to get to Yaounde. I got transferred with Elder Reed, me and him are both serving in the same district. The plane ride was pretty cool because as we were landing we got a glimpse of the massive jungle of Douala, we saw a ton of rivers and the images of hippos basking in the waters. Sadly though we only got a few seconds to take it in. The bus ride however gave us a more personal glimpse of the jungle as most of the ride was through the jungle.

It is only my first day here but I love it!!!!!!!!! It is so beautiful here I can hardly stand it. I love my new companion and I know that we are going to work hard here. Even though I have only spent about five hours in the sector I have already found out that here in Yaounde there are a ton of hills. It is seriously like the San Francisco of Africa because of all the huge, steep hills that scatter our sector, I am gonna get a serious thigh work out working here.

I love you all and I am excited to work in Anguissa right beside my amazing companion

Elder Thomas

6.5.17- Elder Thomas



This week was pretty darn good, we have had a ton of really amazing lessons, also I went on a split with Elder Kaba which was a fun experience.

Right now we are preparing three people for their baptism this sunday, they are really prepared and ready to make this commitment. One of them, Sister Anita asked us during one of our lessons if living the Gospel of Jesus Christ will bring her peace in her life (perfect investigator question). She consequently asked us if we felt peace in our lives, though all around us was the hustle and bustle of a very unpeaceful world, I had no trouble responding with a oui.

A funny experience that happened during one of our lessons was one of our more locale (missionary slang for crazy) investigators , Soeur Lor. We asked her if she would let just anyone from off the streets baptize her. She then went off on a rant talking about how she wouldn’t because they don’t have the holy ghost, and because they wouldn’t be clean. We slipped in a “also they wouldn’t have the prêtrise (French for preisthood)” and then she went on with her rant by saying “They wouldn’t have the prêtrise, they wouldn’t have the maîtrise (French for mastery).” So needless to say she didn’t really understand much.

Me and Elder Kaba went on a split the other day, it was in my sector and I made him climb a big hill to get to one of our investigators house, and they weren’t there. So we had a photo op, with the view of the valley in the background, to make it up to him. He is a good kid and we had a fun time.

We have still been catching a bunch of rats (I literally don’t know where they all come from), and everything else is going really well.

A la prochaine

Elder Thomas


Elder Thomas 5.22.17 and 5.29.17



Bonjour bonjour

It was another amazing week here in Brazza. I am pretty exhausted though as we just got back from the market. We have been doing a lot and loving the work.

This week Elder Tshibanda and I where reminded that god guides his servants in this work. This reminder happpened as we were on our way to visit an investigator. We had planned to visit her around five pm at the ward building however we were a little late, having been caught up in the previous lesson. Elder Tshibanda and I where in the bus and for the first time, and for no apparant reason we missed the stop that we usually take to get to the church. This resulted in us taking a route that we had never, and would have never taken. On this road we ran into Soeur Anita (the investigator we had planned to teach), walking back to her home, having seen that the church building was closed. If we had not been guided in that small manner we would have missed that amazing lesson. In this lesson (about the plan of salvation) Soeur Anita asked us if she would ever see her dad again, and upon recieving the response she confided with us that she felt reassured and comforted. Though this was a small miracle, it was able to lead to the comfort of our investigator.

Also this week was very special as one of my converts, who I had found, and taught with Elder Mongo, and who just recieved the aaronic preisthood, was able to bless the sacrament. I suppose that that is one of the blessings of being in one sector for a long time, you are able to see the spiritual progression of a people that you have grown to love so much. I’m so proud of Fr Farell and the milestone changes he has made in his life.

I love this work

Et je suis reconnaissant que je puisse être ici

Love you all

Elder Thomas


yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyooyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo from the Congoooooooo

Howdy howdy,

This week was an amazing week, we started the week with one person with a baptismal date, and now we are ending the week with seven, all planned for the 10th of june.

Me and my companion are working so hard to prepare these amazing people and its so amazing to watch them hold commitments that will change their lives forever.

One of the most exciting happenings of this week was that we were able to have our stake conference at the Congress building, this is probably the nicest building that I have been in since I left the Temple in Ghana. It was a really cool building and I’ll send you all some pictures of it. It was a good conference, though at the same time it was a bit locale (missionary slang for low quality). But that’s all right because our ward worked really hard to bring their friends and family who aren’t in the church, and we were able to get a lot of contact information. Though with my mission we never do contacting door to door, we always have amis because the members are so excited to share the gospel with their loved ones.

Not much else really happened this week we just taught a lot of amazing lessons, one of

them was with sister anita, who used to be a jehovah’s witness. This lesson was on the plan of salvation, and it was just a regular lesson, but for some reason the spirit was so strong, and we could all identify the presence of that spirit. At the end of the lesson she accepted the Baptismal date, so we are really excited to watch as she progresses in the gospel.

Je vous aime

Elder Thomas




Bonjour bonjour bonjour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How’re y’all doing????

This week was really amazing, the biggest happening of the week was a baptismal service for fr Pavel and Dimi and Sr Stephie. It was such a cool experience and the spirit was so strong. After the session fr Dimi came up to me and thanked me for the baptism and for the lessons that we shared with him, we also did the handshake that signifies respect to one another. Fr Pavel came up to us and talked about how spiritual and clean he felt. Baptisms are just such amazingly spiritual experiences it is hard to contain the joy one  experiences when watching the people I’ve come to love enter into the waters of baptism.

Ooooooo I also got to talk to you guys haha, that was pretty fun, and it was so amazing to see all of your smiling faces, although it felt like I just talked to you guys.

Also the last p day we spent a lot of time at the bridge and by the river. That was pretty cool and very peaceful as we were able to watch the people paddling along in their boats, and also watch the monkeys from a distance crossing the dirt paths into the thickets of trees. We also got a very good view of the DRC on the other side of the river.

A lot of cool things are happening here and we are preparing a lot of amazing people to enter the waters of baptism and grow closer to their father in heaven.

Je vous aime tous

Au Revoir

Pics:  Baptisms, Congo River, Brazzaville bridge, road to appointments after major rainstorm.

Elder Thomas 5.8.17

Howdy howdy howdy

This week I don’t have too much to write about, but it was a great week. Elder Tchibanda is an awesome guy and we have been working great together. He is so obedient and hard working so we have been getting along great.

We have had a few amazing lessons this week. One of which was with a new investigator, Fr Erik, who has already started to progress well. He explained to us how he was always skeptical about religion and thought that the idea of having a church was pretty cray. He was having a debate with one of his friends (who is a member of our church), and he decided to give it a try. He assisted a church session and felt a strong impulse that this church was true. He already has a baptismal date set and we are really excited to continue our teachings with him.

Ooooo we decided that our previous method of killing rats (me and elder Cicon running around with brooms and screaming) was a little bit inefficient, so we decided to by a rat trap (one that traps the rat in a metal cage). So far we have caught one rat a night totaling to five rats. Although one rat was a lil bit too cute to kill so we had to let it go.

Oooo our washing machine broke, so poor ole spencie is stuck doing it by hand.

and hmmmm I believe that’s it for this week,

A la prochaine

Elder Thomas