Elder Thomas 5.8.17

Howdy howdy howdy

This week I don’t have too much to write about, but it was a great week. Elder Tchibanda is an awesome guy and we have been working great together. He is so obedient and hard working so we have been getting along great.

We have had a few amazing lessons this week. One of which was with a new investigator, Fr Erik, who has already started to progress well. He explained to us how he was always skeptical about religion and thought that the idea of having a church was pretty cray. He was having a debate with one of his friends (who is a member of our church), and he decided to give it a try. He assisted a church session and felt a strong impulse that this church was true. He already has a baptismal date set and we are really excited to continue our teachings with him.

Ooooo we decided that our previous method of killing rats (me and elder Cicon running around with brooms and screaming) was a little bit inefficient, so we decided to by a rat trap (one that traps the rat in a metal cage). So far we have caught one rat a night totaling to five rats. Although one rat was a lil bit too cute to kill so we had to let it go.

Oooo our washing machine broke, so poor ole spencie is stuck doing it by hand.

and hmmmm I believe that’s it for this week,

A la prochaine

Elder Thomas



5.1.17- Elder Thomas

Bonjour la famille

So the biggest news of the week is that we had mutations, oops I mean transfers haha so it looks like I am staying here in massa, but I will have a new companion who is named Elder Tshibanda. I’m excited for the opportunity to continue here in Massa and also for the chance to learn from another experienced missionary. From what I’ve heard of him he works hard so I’m excited to get him.

hmmmm this week not much really happened, except Ngamakosso (the sector that we work in the most) got heavily hit by rain, some of our recent convert’s and amis’ houses got trashed, flooded, buried, or almost destroyed, so we have really been praying for them and trying to help them in any way possible. I’m surprised with how much I have grown to love these people, when I saw all that happened to them I almost wanted to cry.

I saw a monkey in a tree, usually we just see monkeys on chains, so I thought that that was pretty dang cool.

Oooooo this week was pretty sad too because I had to say goodbye to soeur kaka. She has been in our district since the beginning of my mission and we have become really good friends. She finished her mission this week so that was pretty tough.

The work is progressing here really well, we have a lot of new amis who we are teaching who I think will progress really well, our church assistance is really high, and over all I’m just loving it. One of our amis named Sr Anita used to be a jehovah’s witness but she quit, and since then she has been really interested in our teachings and has even been assisting frequently at church.

Tout va bien dans la meilleur mission du monde

je vous aime et je vais vous parler la prochaine semaine

Au Revoir

Elder Thomas

4.24.17- Elder Thomas

Well howdy howdy y’all,

It was another amazing week here in Brazza,

Something pretty exciting that happened was that I finished reading the Old Testiment, from Genesis to Malachi. That was pretty fun and edifying, though I did have to sift through a lot of geneologies.

Wow it has been raining a lot here in Brazza, and whenever the rain comes the whole town of Talangaï is put in dissorder. For example the rain caused the road to be filled with sand,which caused a ton of traffic, so for the day we had to walk to our area of Ngamakosso.

But me and Elder Nkashama have been loving life here in Brazza, he is constantly reminding me that la vie est belle. I feel like I have already learned so much from him, and I can’t believe that we have already spent almost six weeks together.

One of the things I took from my personal study this week was a very important teaching from the book of ezekial. In Ezekial 34:2 the lord said”Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Prophesy and say to those shepherds, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD,”Woe, shepherds of Israel who have beenfeeding themselves! Should not the shepherdsfeed the flock?” I learned from this that a true shepherd must seek to feed his flock before he feeds himself. I have found many applications for this in my own life because as a missionary I am a shepherd of the lord and therefore I must put the needs of those I teach before my own.

I am loving life here in the jungle, je peux dire aussi que la vie est belle

au revoir tout le monde

Elder Thomas

Elder Thomas 4.10.17

Booooonjourr tout le monde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow I am dying over here at the cyber, it is literally a sweat lodge. Although I am pretty used to being dreanched in sweat so I suppose it doesn’t phase me.

This week was another amazing week here in Afrique, although it was amazing it was farely uneventful. But I’ll catch you up on all the deats anyways.

So right now we are in the process of preparing four investigators for their planned baptism on the thirtieth of this month. We have Soeur Fatti (yes her name is pronounced like fatty) who is the sister of another amis who was recently baptized, Soeur Stephi, Soeur Jeancia, and Frere Pavell. All of these folks are amazing and I have already seen tremendous changes in their lives.

We hqve also really been trying hard to work more with the members, one of the members that I love working with is Frere Yassin. He is kinda like a little brother to me, in that me and him just joke around all day. But we have als been really lucky to have a lot of the members invite their friends to church, which allows us to always have new amis.

Ooooooo this week me and Elder Nkashama where taking a bus and leaning up against one of the seats was this random bag. All of the sudden a Chicken popped it’s head out of the bag and started looking around. This happened to scare the living daylights out of this one three year old who started to crawl his way onto my lap to try and escape the chicken’s reign of terror. Yeup just another day on the bus:

Ooooo a cool cultural fact:

There is a greeting that men do here when they want to show friendship and respect. You start by shaking the other guy’s hand, and by putting the other hand on the shoulder of the other guy. After this you lean your head in and lightly tap both sides of the other guy’s head with your own head, and you finish by tapping foreheads with the other guy. It’s pretty dang interresting.

Also another interresting fact about Congo is that most stores are owned by middle eastern muslim dudes. So we have a bunch of friends and connections in the muslim community which is always a party.

C’est tout pour cette semaine,

Au Revoir

Elder Thomas

Pics-  Eating Worms, Great Baptisms, Pictures on the Brazzaville Bridge

3.27.17 Elder Thomas

Bonjourrrrrr toute le monde

How’re y’all doin?

Things have been pretty good in lil ole Brazza.

One of the most exciting pieces of news this week was that I got a new companion!!!! He is really cool, and he also has one of the strongest testimonies that I’ve ever seen. Wow and boy does he teach with the spirit. During one of our lessons with an investigator named Soeur Carrelle we taught a full hour long conversation based off of the presentation that God gave of Jesus when he appeared to the Nephites. Pretty much an entire lesson based off of the phrase “Ecoute-le” which means listen to him, and at one point in the lesson Soeur Carrelle asked us “how can I listen to Jesus” and wow it just turned into an amazing lesson centered on the principle of putting the gospel into application. At the end of that lesson me and Elder Nkashama were both like wow, that was amazing.

He is also a very funny missionary, so we have been joking around and really just loving the work here in Brazza. I’m also really loving leading our sector.

This week we also had an amazing baptismal service. We got the opportunity to baptize Jenny, Ruth, and Destinée, as well as Soeur Mercia. All of which are amazing and have developped such strong testimonies. It was such a spiritual experience to see these people who I have come to love so much enter into the fold of god, it really puts the importance of this work into perspective.

Ooooooo also we got a new American in our district, this is pretty exciting as it means that I’m no longer the newest American missionary in the mission. He’s pretty cool, his name is Elder Robbins and the lucky guy is half black so he won’t get to experience the joyful barrage of nihou, chinois, and moundelle.

Oooooo I also got to visit the Brazzaville Bridge last Pday, it is probably the biggest tourist site in the city so it was pretty coool, I’ll send y’all some pics of the event.

Something else that has been going on is that the whole city of Brazzaville has been on a gas shortage the past few weeks, which means it’s pretty difficult for us to cook. They sent us a hot plate but that stopped working last week. But it’s been pretty fun because for the last week we have eaten nothing but street food (chicken and manioc).

Toute va bien ici en Brazza, je vous aime, et je vais vous voir la prochaine fois

au revoir

Elder Thomas



3.20.17 Transfer Week

Bonjour a vous tous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this week was a really great week, I suppose you are all a little bit tired of that heading but it’s true a lot of amazing things happened this week. However the biggest news of the whole week was that we got our transfer letters!!! So Petit Elder Thomas is gonna stay here in Massa, however Elder Mongo is leaving me for Point Noire. He was pretty extatic about that news as he has spent around eight months here in Massa. I will be receiving Elder Nkashama as my new companion. Although I am a little sad to say goodbye to Elder Mongo I am also excited to lead the sector, and learn from another experienced missionary.

The second most exciting news of the week was that I ate worms, haha I can finally respond to the question of “What was the craziest thing you ate on your mission.” Also they actually weren’t bad, I just couldn’t look at it too closely. But yeah elder Mongo prepared it, and I will send pics.

Another really funny thing that happened was that while we were walking up a hill to our next rendez-vous we heard from a distance a group of little kids chanting “Chinois, Chinois, Chinoix” in unison. The next thing we knew, me and Elder Mongo were surrounded by little kids continuing the chant and grabbing my arm to escort me up the hill. Elder Mongo tried to take a video of the event but once he started filming they stopped their chant.

Elder Mongo is pretty sad to leave though just because next week we are planning on baptizing six amis who are really prepared and ready for baptism. It is vraiment an exciting time to be a missionary here in Brazza, and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to spend six more weeks with these people who I have grown to love so much.

Au Revoir,

Elder Thomas

3.13.17 Elder Thomas

Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnjour ma famille

How are y’all doing?

Well as usual all the missionaries are getting pumped up this week because it is transfers week. However I don’t think we should be because in this mission transfers are not very common in fact there are several missionaries who have spent more than a year in one area.  But I’d be really fine with that just because our area is really awesome, and the lord has prepared so many people here to hear this message.

Oooooooo one of the fun occurances of this week was that we were able to have a zone conference, which is always a fun time because president is one of the most spiritual men that I’ve ever met and meeting with him is always a revitalizing experience.

We have been having a whole lot of baptismal interviews this week because all of the missionaries are trying to get their baptisms in for before the transfer. Which is fun as I am the companion of the district leader, and everytime there is an interview I get to go on a split or talk with the sister missionaries for two hours. This week I went on a split with elder Cicon which is always fun because while we are walking to our next lessons we are constantly messing around and having fun (in a respectful missionary manner).

Ooooo the sister missionaries are always fun to talk to, we always joke around and all that, they told me that I already speak french which is a good ole confidence booster.

We have so many amazing amis that we are preparing right now, however I was kinda dissappointed because some of our amis that we were preparing for the baptism didn’t come to church this last week so we have to postpone their baptism.

It’s also kinda difficult because abortions are a really big problem here so with almost any girl over 18 it is almost guaranteed that they have had one, so we are constantly having to have president perform the baptismal interview. However it is not a problem that can’t be overcome thanks to the atonement of Jesus Christ.

Also something amazing that has happened was that the kids that we have been preparing for a while are prepped and ready for their baptism, and their parents have started coming to church and wanting the lessons so we will be starting that the next week and I will let you know how it goes.

Au revoir

Elder Thomas